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Volts,,, 18 or 24???

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I've seen the "drill auger" in action and I'm VERY impressed. The one I saw was a 18V Ryobi. My question is this,,, what benefit is there to having a 24V rather than 18V?? Will you get more "torque" with a 24V or is it just more battery life?? I have a "cheap" 18V that I think just doesn't have the "strength". Has anyone used a 24V ?? Are there any pluses or minuses to the 24V?? Thanks in advance.
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Higher voltage does mean more torque, when the battery's fully charged. The size of the battery, as well as the effeciency of the motor generally determine battery charge-life, but it's a fair assumption that a 24V battery, in the same drill, will last longer than a lower-V.

A good rule-of-thumb is to buy higher-V as you can afford it.

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