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Volts,,, 18 or 24???

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I've seen the "drill auger" in action and I'm VERY impressed. The one I saw was a 18V Ryobi. My question is this,,, what benefit is there to having a 24V rather than 18V?? Will you get more "torque" with a 24V or is it just more battery life?? I have a "cheap" 18V that I think just doesn't have the "strength". Has anyone used a 24V ?? Are there any pluses or minuses to the 24V?? Thanks in advance.
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Originally posted by scottfree
does anyone know how many holes will an 18v at a full charge do? vs. 24v?
........ on the age and shape of your batteries, the ambient temp, the thickness of the ice, the hardness of that ice and how warm you can keep your batterys between uses. In most cases I've heard that a "good" 18V on a 25 to 30 degree day will do about 15-20 holes thru 12-18 inches of ice. You need to be able to keep the batterys warm between uses or they loose there power quickly.
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