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Hi everyone. This is a late report, and obviously with all of the professionals catching limits on a consistent basis, there are plenty of walleye in the DR. I was on the River for the second time this past Friday with some good friends. The first time, while we were jigging with all sorts of plastics, everyone else was catching fish on minnows, 10 ft away from us! :rant: Needless to say, we couldn't get the skunk off of the boat

This time, we brought minnows and crawlers along, and hit the water about 6:30pm. We started off jigging, with no bites through the first pass (and tough boat control due to wind). On the end of the first pass, we watched another boat with 4 fishermen pull out 6 fish over the spot we just drifted over! We stole a glance at what they were using, (harnesses w/ bottom bouncers, using a drift sock) and switched over. The result: my first DR Walleye, and 4 fish for the fryer. Not a limit, but its a start!

We were using 1.5 and 2.0 oz. bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses. Green/chartreuse blades and beads seemed to be the ticket. The 4 fish all came on the 1.5 oz bottom bouncers... I have a feeling the 2.0 oz. were too heavy. Also, the harness with only 1 hook took 3 fish, the harness with 3 hooks got 1. As for the drift sock, we use our collapsible cooler to slow us down... it sure worked in a pinch!

Anyway, get out there, be safe, change it up until you find the program, and catch some fish! :fish:
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