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The all-new Ridgeback Rattler Downrigger Weight blends so many features into one presentation that it is hard to appreciate what this one device can add to your trolling spread.

The unique planning surface and nose-down running attitude of your Ridgeback Rattler allows you to set and maintain the true desired depth of your presentation. Virtually eliminates "blow back".
The 7 lb. Ridgeback replaces up to a 12-pound ball!!!!

Realize unequaled stability with a full-length tail fin that will not allow the weight to twist the line.
Run them "down the chute" and watch the fish come from off the graph charging in to find the source of their (sensory) lateral line disturbance.
Cross-drilled "through body" holes provide an unbelievable amount of water disruption; creating vibration, bubbles and a vortex.
Rattle rings in tail section combined with color beads provide additional sight and sound stimulation adding an alluring motion to an already deadly presentation.
The exclusive yellow zinc-chromate finish in shimmering yellow/green color produces reds, greens and yellows previously only seen in fishing lures; the blue water color display is awesome!
Certainly one of the most fisherman friendly features is the unique flat bottom that allows the Ridgeback Rattler to sit in the boat and not roll around while you change lures.
Each Ridgeback Rattler is machined from a solid steel bar and the laser cut tail section is then fully welded to provide a nearly indestructible assembly. Rattle rings and color beads are then hand assembled before being packaged for shipment. Proudly displaying American craftsmanship and quality in one package.
Less weight means faster and easier retrieval from the depths; increased life for your arms and electric motors!!

Two 7 lb for $75.00 plus S&H. Brand new never touched the water! - See More Here: http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=11625
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