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Turkey final days

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Anyone going out the last few days in hopes of bagging there last minute gobbler?;)
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I made a last ditch attempt Saturday, Sunday and this morning....all I saw were hens. Oh well, I guess it's time to go drag racing now
I got a jake this morning in about the last 1/2 hour I had to hunt for the season. We had roast turkey breast for dinner tonight! Mmmmmmm.
Been trying for 3 long beards with my son, they have been the hardest birds I have ever hunted, they have this private property that is heaven for them right now I can hunt on 2 sides of it, see those bad boys everyday within 150 yards...the property lines are like a wall for them!!! Going to try something different in the morning...we wil try right till the end!!
Tossed in the towel and will save the DEET for another day:rolleyes:
...he's been giving me fits all season. I have passed up on several oportunities of some fair long-beards this month waiting for a shot at him. I finally had him in close yesterday morning and pulled the shot a good foot and a half by the looks of the dust that flew up in the bean field.
After sulking back in to the tall grass to continue feeding the mosquitos, I went over the shot again and agian trying to figure out how I had missed. I had lifted my cheek up off the stock to give a cluck so he would come out of his strut and when he stuck his neck out, I peeked to watch him drop and pulled the shot. I followed up and scrutinized the spot the bird was at when I missed to see if I may have hit him and criss-crossed the area he flew to in case I had wounded him. I double and triple-checked again and was satisfied that it was a clean miss. Talk about a humbling experience. In 30 years I have never had such a difficult time getting one to cooperate, and then I go and blow it.
About an hour later I had a group of jakes in front of me that came in to my calls, and after one split away from the group, I connected. I admired the little guy and thanked God for a season full of wonderful experiences, including some hilarious encounters with deer, and a fox that came within a foot of me that came in on me while I was calling on Memorial Day morning.
I had to level the barrel on his head and in a calm voice I said, "back off buddy". He didn't leave until I raised my face mask and repeated my words. I didn't want to shoot, as the big tom that I was to miss a couple of days later was nearby. I wasn't even sure if fox season was open, and his fur was far from prime. You shoud have seen the look on his face when he figured out that I wasn't a turkey. He looked puzzled and just crouched there cocking his head back and forth.
Congrats to all on a great season, whether you connected or not. Thanks to all, also, for all of the great threads and postings.
Good story thanks for the replies
...but I've been practicing shooting some broad sides of barns. Man, I sure let that big guy get me worked up before I choked and missed. I was shaking like a leaf!!
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