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Tsc starting to clearance some buck on a bag products

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I know a lot of you serious deer farmers are using a co-op or other source for seed. For those of us without that as an option, TSC has started their annual clearance process. Only one thing marked down right now. I grabbed a bag as the bees love both clover and chicory.

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A religious thing?
Or buck fever?

On a more serious note.....I never bought BOB seed prior to 2020.
Took Doubletree's advice (Paul Knox, may he rest in peace) and simply got what I needed from mills or Welters or Merit.
'Generic', I suppose.
And have been quite happy. The local deer too.

But then I bought --on promo-- some soil-test kits from Whitetail Inst.
Once I did that I became another target for their email promo campaign.

And I bit on one offer.
I bought a sample pack with 3 separate packages: Chicory, Clover, Brassicas.
And you know what?
The stuff turned out to be pretty darn good.
So, if a promo comes down the pike that is competitive with what I get from the Cedar Springs Mill, or Merit, etc.....I'll give 'em another try.
I won't buy any seed with a picture of a buck on the package.
Oh sure, Steve, I understand the cost thingy.
But I'm stating that WI's Imperial Clover product turned out --to my surprise -- to be really attractive to the local herd.
I have used Alice and Jumbo Ladino and Medium Red as my go-to clover components for nearly 20yrs. Bought from Cedar Springs or Welters. I've been quite satisfied. The deer seemed to feed on it regularly.

But ---and I examined it again this morning --- that patch of WI's clover clearly has a lot of grazing going on. A lot. There were more nipped straight stalks showing than in any other of my clover patches. That intrigues me.

So, when the need arises in the future for a new clover planting, well, I may be willing to pay their $9 per lb ticket to give it a bigger footprint. (vs. $5 for Alice or JLadino)

In the economics of it....for, say a half acre I'm only upcharging my total cost by what....$20 at most? I can afford that for a more extensive test-drive.

I may do a side-by-side comparison as I have done in the past....which way back when led me to choose the Alice.

Just sayin'.
Because it is over priced. Just go to the elevator and buy what you need
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