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Tsc starting to clearance some buck on a bag products

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I know a lot of you serious deer farmers are using a co-op or other source for seed. For those of us without that as an option, TSC has started their annual clearance process. Only one thing marked down right now. I grabbed a bag as the bees love both clover and chicory.

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I won't buy any seed with a picture of a buck on the package.
Because it is over priced. Just go to the elevator and buy what you need
A religious thing?
Or buck fever?

On a more serious note.....I never bought BOB seed prior to 2020.
Took Doubletree's advice (Paul Knox, may he rest in peace) and simply got what I needed from mills or Welters or Merit.
'Generic', I suppose.
And have been quite happy. The local deer too.

But then I bought --on promo-- some soil-test kits from Whitetail Inst.
Once I did that I became another target for their email promo campaign.

And I bit on one offer.
I bought a sample pack with 3 separate packages: Chicory, Clover, Brassicas.
And you know what?
The stuff turned out to be pretty darn good.
So, if a promo comes down the pike that is competitive with what I get from the Cedar Springs Mill, or Merit, etc.....I'll give 'em another try.
That's the point of the post. $16 for 3.5lbs of chicory/clover seed is less expensive than what I can get 3.5lbs of the ladino white clover seed at my local FF&H. Regular price at $32, yeah overpriced.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts