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Trip to Bear Creek

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We had a great training week down at Bear Creek Hunt Club this past week. Rob and Russ are great guys.

Here are some pictures of our trip.

Leaving home.

Ridalyn pointing Jake backing and Ron going in to flush.

Rowdy pointing Diesel backing.

Fat Boy pointing.

Getting ready to road dogs. Jim doing clean up detail.

The dogs got a good work out. We roaded them for 45 minutes
and then free ran them for another 45 minutes on birds. The ground was frozen early in the morning so we had to put dog bootties on them to keep pads safe.

Hi-Five Kennels and Gamebirds
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Beat it felt good to get out of the snow. I though you just ran pointers looks like a few longhairs mixed in there. Did you bring quail of just run the resident hens there? Also if you don't mind saying how fast to you road your dogs and all the same speed? Nice looking string that Fat Boy sure has an intense point looks like he's seen some time on the whoa barrel.
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I'd like to thank Rob and Russ also for their hospitality last week, good people. They have a very nice preserve grounds and club house. If your looking for a preserve hunt Bear Creek Hunt Club would be a great choice.

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worm dunker,

Just run pointers, naw, I run them all.

We took a load of quail down with us to run on. We did get some pheasants pointed.

I road the dogs at different speeds, I start out at 6 mph. then pick it up to 12 mph. then back down so they pull hard. I road them for six miles and it takes around 45 minutes. So average speed is 7.5 mph.

Here's some pictures of dogs on the chain gang.

Back Woods

Hi-Five Kennels and Gamebirds
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Great pictures buts as good looking as Fat Boy looks on point those setters look better with that flag flying saying it's over here. The reason I asked about speed I have one of those pocket rocket setters(under 30lb.), one old style(long legged) and one in between wasn't sure if I should run them at same speed. I'm gonna start roading with Dave Fletcher as soon as he get back from Alabama.
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Thanks to Bruce (Backwoods) and Jim (Coverdog) for the invite to
Bear Creek as my plans to go down to Alabama and run dogs were cut off due to rain and flooding conditions. My first time to
Bear Creek and Rob and Russ were super hosts. The cover was in great shape with plenty of room for us and the dogs. Working dogs from dawn till dusk was a great stress reliever. The pics look great guys!
Ron Levitan

P.S. 3 out of the 4 Setters in the Pics are out of Ch. Bodyguard x
Grouse River Megan. Rock is a Ch. and the other 2 have multiple
coverdog and horseback placements. Ridlyn is a pup that will run
in the GN Puppy this Spring.
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Here are some of the pictures from Backwoods and his gang out at Bear Creek Hunt Club last weet.


Backwoods dog rig along with the gang

Bruce and Jim running dogs, Sorry forgot the dogs names.

Jim's dog honoring

Bear Creek Pete pointing quail.

Bear Creek Pepper pointing and her mother Sugar backing.

Backwoods, Coverdog and Passin Time just before they left Fri.
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Glad you got the picture posting figured out nice pictures. That picture of Pete is sweet.
Have you been seeing any quail? Did your Friday hunt get to shoot any?

Back Woods
WD, thanks for the advice on getting these pictures posted. That is a neat picture of Pete isn't it. But I know what your thinking, he would look better with a hairy tail right?

Backwoods, we found about 9 quail on Friday, shot 4. Then one of the groups on Sat. got 4 more. Haven't heard of anymore sighting of Quail, the Hawks probably got the rest.

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No actuality I was think what a great looking point I've only seen him running 1,000 m.p.h. but now that you mentioned it maybe you could get him a hair extion couldn't hurt!
Bear Creek here is another piture of Bear Creek Pete while your looking for hair extions for tail you might check to see if you can also get them for ears and all four legs. If you can't find any I believe I can come up with enough hair from carpet, furnature, and my Yukon to have some woven. Ofcoarse it would make him a tri-color may have to use some black and white hair to make a set

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