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Tried Something New For Suckers

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After reading about so many steelhead fisherman catching more suckers by accident,than some do on purpose,I decided to try something new(to me anyway).
I tied 2 floating jig heads about 15" apart,on 3"-6" dropper lines,with the bottom one about 15" above a pyramid sinker.
To my surprize,I caught my first sucker this spring on the uppermost jig that was baited with a crawler.
It was kind of like a homemade perch rig with floating jigs for hooks.
I,always thought they were bottom feeding fish?:confused:
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Strange things happen, sometimes its the first rule of Spring fishing.

Maybe its because of the angle of the presentation. In other words, the farther out you fish from the bank, the sharper the angle of your mainline to the bottom of the river, thus the lower depth of the bait.

If the uppermost jig is on a dropper close to six inches, and the whole rig is fished 30' or so from the bank, your bait could be closer to the bottom than you might think.

How far out were you fishing?
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The river is only about 20' wide.I was about 15' out. The river is up right now,so with the current,I figure that one was at least 20" off the bottom at that time.
That was only one fish so far,but I think I'll try it some more and see what happens.
A few weeks ago when there was still ice we were fishing for steelhead on Pentwater Lake and the guys near us were fishing for suckers with perch rigs. They used a gob of worms on the hooks and were hauling them up every 5 minutes. They said that they only had luck with worms and not wigglers or spawn. They were keeping them to can but I wouldn't have minded for me to just catch and release to have some fun. Looked like a good time with the fast action.
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We troll for walleye on Big Bay DeNoc during the second half of May. We have caught suckers many times on hot n tots while trolling at 1.5mph. Hooked in the big lips believe it or not.
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