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trapping for a living?

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does anyone know of anyone that actually traps soley for a living in michigan, not including the nuisance control other than beaver?
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Use to know an old Native American,that lived in a tar-paper shack,in a neighbors woods.He drank "Muskatel",all day long and,I,don't know of anything other than trapping that he did for money.I'm not sure if that was his only income.He's been dead for over 25years. I'm not really sure how he ended up there.I, used to give him rides to town to get his wine.What a character.The drunker he got,the more dangerous and anti-social he became.The last time,I,seen him he pulled a hatchet on me because,I,wouldn't take him back to town when he dropped and broke the bottles,I,had just taken him to get.That was in 1973,and,I,never saw him again.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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