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Track Chair, Go Fund Me

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It's on most other threads as well thanks too @sparky18181

This gentleman above Kevin was kind enough to start this go fund me because he and many other's on Michigan Sportsman Forums believe I'm an inspiration.
I found and been part of this "community" for 5+ years now and it's where I spend 95% of my time on social media. I've became great friends with many and hope too meet many more.

I was hurt in a dirt bike accident when I was 28 years old 1 week away from marrying my high school sweet heart, my brothers 30th birthday and celebrating up north at my uncles cabin for a 25th year anniversary.
Worked in local 1191 laborers union as a welder in underground to start with then worked my way to the company I thrived to get too in 3 1/2 years. I was asked if I would take a foreman position in a short time of the 4 short weeks I worked for them.
This all changed from one dirt bike accident. I've been in plenty before 😉 they say everything happens for a reason, right?
Maybe for me to be an inspiration too some.

Some of you know me on here and my story. Many may not.
I'm surrounded with support and helping hands and for that I'm grateful. I get too see that good exist in this world more then most, this is just one example.

I like to think I'm a "tough" guy. BUT come hunting season and ice fishing I sometimes have inside battles-demons I face. Not MOST years but still after 9 years of being hurt I battled these demons this year for some reason. I let the guy's know on MS and a few close pals as well.
What's over that ridge, down that runway, up on the other side ??... It'll bring a tear too a "tough" guy's eye every once in a while. Ice fishing is a whole other story. I can make it and do make it but this chair the fish will have to watch out !

We camp a lot mostly near water, beaches. My GF Amanda has drug me through more sand then one could imagine. She's an angel.. The sand on lake MI side of the state isn't a little sandy 😳 it's a LOT. As is are favorite beach on the north end of Port Huron.

This chair will make a tremendous impact on myself, my daughter and my better half's lives 😁