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Went out for a couple hours tonight after work, windy and chilly but manged to get a few. Not alot but did catch 4 of the biggest gills i have caught in a few years. These gills fought like a 6 lb. bass on my ultralite!! Caught 2 on panther martins and the rest on crawler peices below a slip bobber.
About 3 ft below the bobber , just out from the weed edge.

I wish you guys could actually see how fat and thick these are, i know 3 are over a pound each.

What i would do to catch a limit of these!!
Make some big 'ole fillets!!!!!:corkysm55:corkysm55:corkysm55

Also caught 6 bass between 12-15 in.



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NICE CATCH!!! I went for about an hour and a half on Tuesday morning and caught about 15 on my flyrod that were worth keeping. THEY ARE FUN ON LIGHTER LINE AREN'T THEY!!!!:D :) :) :) :) I'm sure you can't wait to eat them just like me.
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