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Tomorrows weather

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Man,,,,there is one thing I hate to see this time of year is a forecast like we have for tomorrow. Burr arsed cold temps, very little wind and blue sky's. Not real condusive to good goose movement. I'm already getting nervous. Could be a looooonnnnngggg day.
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If your not in the place the want to be,,,,an opener is going to be your best chance to take unsuspecting geese. Put out as many decoys as you can come up with. Put plenty of space between them if you have only a few. Being cold,,,geese tend to stay pretty tight while in the field,,,so if you do have lots of decoys,,,,make a black hole in the field with decoys. As far as the late season duck hunt,,,,I won't hunt any limited open water unless its a river or a spring fed creek. If hunters risk life and limb to get to a limited amount of open water, the may have a heck of a hunt,,,but those birds will never be babk to that spot,,,,and lots of time in the Winter,,,before other birds find the whole the departed geese have left,,,it has frozen shut. I know this will happen it always does,,,,heck last year we were hunting about 800 geese going to the field we were on for a week prior to the season. This particular lake had quite a bit of open water on it,,,so water hunters were abound,,,,no big deal with lots of open water,,,but,,,,some ying yang tried sneaking up on 800 geese in a canoe in open water,,,,,didn't work,,,just kicked the geese off the lake and they left for parts unknown, we were left in total disbelieve as the exited the lake. When you see the sky black with geese in the morning you can be assured someone has rowsted them.
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