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Tomorrows weather

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Man,,,,there is one thing I hate to see this time of year is a forecast like we have for tomorrow. Burr arsed cold temps, very little wind and blue sky's. Not real condusive to good goose movement. I'm already getting nervous. Could be a looooonnnnngggg day.
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Any advise for this scenario. My father-in-law has a farm near one with a river running thru it and its like hunting next to a refuge. We see the geese but they just follow the course perimeter up high, then drop in when when over the course. Gets frustrating to watch flock after flock do this. Any help?

Also, I like to get some ducks in January. Since I'd never hunt ducks this late (due to ice), are they hunt primarily from the fields do only lucky hunter know of so secret open water?

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