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Should hunting dogs that will not make it be culled


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    Votes: 7 43.8%

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To Cull or not To Cull

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I was just having this little talk with a friend and thought this be a good place to talk about it

What do you all think about Culling dogs that just will not cut it

now lets not get this confused with the beagle post I just put up

BUT I have mixed feelings on this topic what about you guys
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I was reading about this on another website last week & I don't believe in this in the truest sense as that would be to "kill" them, however from your post timber at least you have to let them get old enough to find out if they won't cut it a dog would have to make it to a "certain" age to find out. And at what age would that be ?
In my opinion, they would certainly have to get through the puppy stage as maturity veries with different breeds. Then at least through enough training to the point you you have to make a decision do I keep this dog, or not waste any more time on them and go on to another.
I do believe that to make a breed better and not allow those genes to go forth and breed, yes have them spayed or neutered.
But certainly not culled, they may be what someone else is looking for or a good family pet and still have some usefullness and maybe adopted or given to a rescue that will place them with a good home.

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If your definition is to neuter the animal and take it out of the gene pool I'd certainly vote yes.

If your definition is to euthanize (aka kill) the animal I would be inclined to look for a good home for placement.
which is why i am looking for a home for my 2 year old beagle

but on the other hand lets take a **** hound thats 5 years old never been in the house never been trained to do nothing but **** hunt but just will not make a good **** hound my bet is you will never find a house for it to live in and its night right to hook a high performance hound out to 20 foot chain or put him in a 6X6 kennel what should happin to him its wrong to kill him and its wrong to tie him up I guess I dont know the answer

My VOTE was not to Cull by the way
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If not culled, at least taken out of the gene pool via spaying/neutering.
I'd be more inclined to cull a hound but offer a bird dog or retriever to a good home on the condition that it be spayed or neutered.
this is where i am having troubles some hounds can be placed as dogs to start people out and others just can not and will not make pets

no bird dogs I think every bird dog can be a pet

I am so mixed I really just dont know
I feal if a dog is not an acceptible hunting dog then it should be spayed or neuterd. Papers ripped up and give the dog away as a pet if possible.

The only other option is to humanly put the dog down.

If not someone may breed that dog later on down the road.

This is where the responsibility of being a dog breeder kicks in.

This is also how we stop people from breeding dogs that should never breed.

The only way to better a breed is to eliminate the junk in the gene pool.

It is said the best time in sporting dogs was during the depression. They didn't keep dogs that didn't hunt back then.

They didn't even keep ok dogs. They could not afford to.

They only keept the best.

If you came across a good old hunting dog back then you could bet he was something speacial.
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I would have to agree with part timer
What do you do if no one wants the dog? Finding a home for sporting breeds is no problem, but **** or foxhounds are another story. I had an acquaintance that was a foxhunter that regularly killed dogs that weren't going to make it. His reasoning was that no one wanted a useless foxhound. Sounds tough but he's probably right.
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Thats what I mean guys some of these big ole hounds just will not make pets, alot of beagles the same thing. I think they should be considerd as pets then if not put down. This beagle I got in the other post she is sweet and will hunt just not to most guys liking.

I got her from a guy that was going to have her put down. I was up there and saw her around his kids, and I thought man this is a sweet dog. Then a few months later I call him he says "shes not cutting it I am going to have her put down" I said "the hell if you are"

I went up and got her. Worked her alittle got her past the point he had her at. I agree shes not what I want either. but to sweet to kill. when I was 12 I wish I could of had a dog this nice to start with. I went through alot of dumb hounds before I got one worth keeping. I also admit that I could make good or great hunting dog out of some of them dogs now. knowing what I know today.
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this may seem harsh but i would rather put the dog down so i really know where the dog is....buried in the woods behind my house....unless its going to another hunter that i personally know...when i did sell or place a dog it was with the understanding that if the time came and they couldnt take care of it they were to return it to me...
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Robert is right. Lets face it most of these dog breedings have no business taking place. Just because a dog is a great hunter doesn't mean it's a great producer.Alot of these culls that are given away or pawned off on a young beginner go on to live miserable lives due to abuse & mistreatment-like it or not that's what happens.Some dogs never make it because they were not given a chance or taken to the woods. Most guys don't realize how much work, time, money,sweat & boots go into making a top dog.It's alot cheaper to buy a finished or well started dog. I tell beginners who want to start **** hunting to forget about buying a pup & save up to buy a young dog already doing something. It's so easy for a novice to mess up a young pup forever with just a few mistakes. Then somehow they want to blame the breeder for selling them a dud.I would say only about 25% of the pups produced in the hound world ever amount to anything.At least get the cull fixed & its papers destroyed.Otherwise that cull will just be traded from dog jockey to dog jockey & lead one miserable life.
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I like dogs I believe we all do.

Even though we may only put a dent in it we still need to do all we can to make sure these dogs arent traded back and forth trying to stick someone with a junk dog.

There are thousands of dogs for sale on the net that arent worth a dime as hunting dogs.

Dog Jockeys trying to stick it to people who are just getting into the sport.

I will not ever let a dog out of my kennel that is not worth owning unless it is fixed and the papers are ripped up.

As crule as some people may think it is if the dog isn't any good the best place for it is in the ground.

Hunting dogs are breed to hunt. If the are no good at it then we (The reasponsible dog breeders) need to get them out of the gene pool.
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a dog would have to make it to a "certain" age to find out. And at what age would that be ?
I won't make a decision on a dog until the end of the hunting season that follows its third birthday. By that age I know if it will be worth keeping. Also, any defects of character that the dog will have will show up by that age
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I believe you shouldnt cull them. Just because they cant make it in hunting, doesnt mean they shouldnt get a chance in life. Id find a good home for that dog, or build a kennel for it and keep it.
You guys are talking about dogs like they are deer. It seems as though this is just a business to some of you. This is life and death. A dog is just as important as a human on this world. You wouldnt cull out a person would you, if your kid was bad or "didnt make it".
A dog is just as important as a human on this world.

I like my dogs as much or more than anybody who's ever owned a dog. I've been messing around with hunting dogs since I came into this world and they are my passion in life. But, THEY ARE JUST DOGS!!! In no way do I equate them with my wife, kids, or any other human being. They were put on this earth to serve me at my pleasure(Genisis 1:26).
If you don't believe that there is a GOD who gave us dominion over his creation then that's your loss and I can't relate to you.
I choose to worship the Creator, not HIS creation(s).
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So please lets keep to the facts and continue to be civil.

I agree with jumpshootin 100%.

Let me try and put another spin on this please if you will.
The business of breeding is normally where the culling takes place.

Breeding dogs is a business as well as a hobby.
Although I must admit the only payment you get is in having better hounds. Hunting dogs are in no way comparible to companion dogs in my mind.

They must perform and there performance must be good.
If not you damage the breed. I am not saying I am against finding a dog a home if possible.

The main thing we should pull away from this thread is #1 NEVER breed a dog unless you know what you are doing. #2 Never sell a dog with a major fault unless the buyer knows about it and the dog is fixed so as it can never reproduce. #3 Do not assume your dog is good unless you are an experianced hounds person.

I personnally put dogs with major faults down.
I breed them, I raise them, I train them, and if they don't perform to the ability I expect them to the are put down it's that simple.

This insures that I am not contributing to the decline of the breed.

This is age old stuff here. Hounds men of the past would never have gave it a sceond thought.

The breed must be maintained at it's highest level.

I care very much about my dogs I treat them with respect and if you ever see my dogs around me you will know this.

But that cannot stop me from bettering the breed.
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I beleave a dog should be place in a home, fixed papers destroyed if possible. If not then theres only one place for that dog in the ground maybe this sounds harsh but its facts, our dog breeds today are here because this is the way it is.

The more I think about this the more it makes me think of something an old timer told me once.

I was on the other side of the fence on this subject for a long time when I was young.

I have always had a soft spot for dogs.

Me personnally I like them better than I do most people.

But as the old timer told me.

He explained that you have to leave your heart at the kennel door or you are doing a dis-service to the breed.

He also explained that I should not do any breeding untill I was ready to take care of any mistakes I had caused to the breed.

I took those words to heart.

When breeding you can do only two things hurt the breed or make it better. There is no inbetween.
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