By: Steve GougeonNo matter how fast your bow is your arrow cannot out run the speed of sound. So it stands to reason that with a whitetails extremely fast reflexes that you would want a quiet bow. I will go over a few different things that you can do your self with without the help of an archery shop.

Lets start with the string ever one has seen the silencers that are on strings. Like puff puff balls, cat whiskers, bear puffs, speed balls, tarantula, fleece tie-on's, and my favorite (just kidding) beaver balls??? I feel sorry for that unlucky beaver. There is a new string silencer called a string leech from the makers of the Limb Savers. I have used all of the above and found the cat whiskers to be the best so far. Simple to tie you use a small zip tie to attach it to the string and then you have to stretch it as you cut the ends off to get it to fray, and you are done. As for the string leech, I have installed a set on my new bow. They are simpler to put on and seem to work better so far; I want to shoot some arrows through a chrono before and after to see how much they slow down the bow. They are simple to attach and are soft like a gummy bear, only black. According to limb saver they will reduce up to 90% of string noise and only slow your bow down 1-2 fps. I would try not to use the cloth type they get wet easily and hold your scent so I don't use them personally.

Let's move on to the limbs. The only thing that I know of at this time is the Limb Saver I use them and they work great. They make them for solid, and split limb bows. I have had to use super glue to keep mine on the solid limbs they had a tendency to pop off when you shot the bow if you use the double sided tape that is supplied.

I would recommend that you let an arrow fall off your rest and look where it contacts the riser, and the arrow ledge. From there I would get some mole skin or a product called Silance-Ilator pad. It is black and in my opinion works better. I would apply either one to the area that would allow the arrow to make noise. You can also add some to the under side of your grip it may make it feel more comfortable

A way to find noise in your bow is to bump your hand against the riser and listen for any noise other than the sound of your hand. The sound you will usually get is a buzzing sound. I find the rest and sight are the biggest cause of bow noise. You might want to look into getting a hydro or gel filled stabilizer, they not only help balance the bow, and the filled ones help dampen the recoil from the bow.

I know that some people choose to hunt with the quiver on the bow. Since I hunt from stands for the most part I remove mine, but I can tell you that they are a source of noise. On the quickie quivers you will need to remove that small piece of spring steel that is on the bracket, it make's a ton of noise, just tighten the screw down so it is snug. Make sure your arrows are all in place and positioned securely.

These small things that you can do at home can make a big difference. Take your time and check your bow over closely you might be surprised at what you find that could be making noise. Good luck this fall.