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Time for another boat build....

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1984 model year 14' Smoker Craft, 1964 9.5hp Evinrude Sport twin, and a completely wore out galvanized heavy duty trailer.
$1150.00 and now to throw a checkbook at it.
I will tinker with a few things while I gather thoughts, ideas and form a plan. A lot in mind already. Including an electric anchor winch on hand already. Lowrance graph/chart plotter on RAM mount and some marine carpet already on hand.
Welding 2 small tears in the aluminum before the paint is a must, 1 top of the bow, 1 top of the transom. Will reinforce both points with overkill for sure. But the main bones of the boat are solid and zero holes or patches in the boat.
Starting with a degrease and pressure wash, Aluminum primer and a few coats of Olive Drab paint. Or maybe tan.... Goal of the boat is Ducks and river/puddle fishing.
The 9.5 Evinrude will be rebuilt, but then sold and replaced with an electric start 4 stroke 15-20hp. After a couple of shoulder and arm surgeries I don't need to struggle with trying to start one in the cold while steelhead or salmon fishing.

Trailer. Already done: New boards for the bunks. Wheel bearings were run dry, spun and burnt! All new races and seals included. New tires as the old ones were so weather checked that the spare blew out when I tried to inflate it. Replaced ALL of the wiring and ran through solid conduit welded to the frame, to the LED lights that came on it. Removed 250 pound of rollers and brackets, a bastard of a spare tire mount that weighed 50 pounds alone, a bubble gum welded top winch mount for a junk winch. New strap winch is now in place. New tongue jack. Steel and boards on hand to bolt on side bunks and walking planks. Also have steel tube on hand to put trailer lights up above the boat so I can see the empty trailer when I am backing it into the water.
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Is that bow a separate plate of aluminum than the hull??
I think you have your work cut out for you with that project! Good luck!
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