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Some progress has been made. Wiring is all in except for 2 reversable switches for the anchor winch. They will be here tomorrow. 1 for the bow and 1 for the control box. Group 24 battery and box mounted with nylon stand offs. Mounted a NEMA rated water tight power box and sealed all holes made. Mounted a pair of bus bars inside it to terminate and secure all wiring. Shrink wrapped all connections.
Fold down transom light, flush mounted separated navigation lights, floor lights for each seat, all LED and low power consumption. New from Smoker Craft cargo and rating capacities label to keep it legal. A few rod holder bases and dock tie-off cleats added also. The ugly bow has been reformed and backed with 3"x3"x1/4" thick angle iron. Then trimmed to fit the boat winch on the trailer.

Next: got a line on a brand new 15hp electric start short shaft Merc. Will buy that after vacation if I don't find something better.
Then time to put on the side bunk guides and walking planks on the trailer. Maybe even some raised tail light posts as the mounting brackets are already bolted to the trailer.

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Looks sweet.

Does the paint do well enough to protect that iron and aluminum in the bow from becoming a battery?
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