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Thursday got to launch little after 5 went out in 3 footers 20 + mph winds
got setup took awhile to get warmed back up busted a couple of greenheads a bluebill ,one buffie ,two geese had to break free the blocks a few times left by 1130 blowing snow all gloves wet and waders freezing to every thing touched .
Sat got ot launch to find it froze up had to break ice to get boat backed in after 45 mins or so got out to open water and got setup seen lots of sawbills and a few buffies around 930 the geese started coming in called 3 big honkers right in
got them all, pulled a single off another flock the ducks were not flying much
did manage to take a hen goldie and later in the day 2 more honkers over all not bad had fun watching the gundog in action
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