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Thunder Block

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a hunting friend of mine has that outdoor channel (I dont) he said that he saw a new product on there called the Thunder block. It is supose to be like the limb savers for your bow. I have looked and looked for a web site and cant find anything. Anyone here have any info?
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It isn't on the website, yet. Not sure if they are even available to the general public. One of my buddies who hunts KY with me does product testing for NAP. He had these on his bow, worked fine, really couldn't tell a difference between them and the Sims ones he used to have, but didn't have a side by side comparison. They are larger than the Sims dampers. Also, had a new broadhead they were working on. Killed two deer with it, but I wasn't overly impressed. Not nearly enough to switch my equip.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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