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Three Toes(?!)

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One of the finds (unfortunately no recent deer sign) on a scout into hardwood stand Friday evening has me stumped.

Been searching animal track publications for the last two days and my best guess on this is an oversized Bobcat or a small / young Canadian Lynx with only three toes.

Snow Plant Freezing Twig Slope

The snow base was about two feet, with lots of varying surface (blown drifts, stiff crust, four to six inches powder, ...) when I ran across these tracks and found a section of very clear tracks on some crusty snow. I looked long and hard, thinking some toes on furry paws just blended together making two look like one. But no, the 'middle toe' was just too distinct. Could there be vestigial dewclaws? IDK.

They measured about 2 3/8" wide, no claw marks, and appeared feline to me. Staggered sets and size made me think more toward a small Canadian Lynx. I need to get more camera traps out.

Now that I 'pulled my pants down' with a long post to show how little I know, I await someone's short simple definitive explanation (even better if from a wildlife biologist).
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Hard to tell, but is it possible that the cat's (whichever it is) just has ice or snow packed toes and were pushed-up out of normal shape!?!
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