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Hello, Last year I asked a couple of questions about the boat I bought. It has a noise coming from the engine after I shift into gear and start giving it gas, some people said it could be a bearing or a engine coupler. I dont know anything about either of these. My boat is a 77 Glasspar with a 140hp Johnson I/O.

Know for my dumb Question... I am looking for someone to help me with the problem, but Unfortunately I am unemployed. I can probably get the money for parts but was wondering if I can work off the labor part. I am willing to do some of the work myself but I dont have the facilities to do so. I am trying to get this boat running so I can get her out and do some fishing with my kids. If you or someone you know can help me with my situation please let me know.

Thank you for reading my dumb question
Stan Filipowski (Flipper) :help:
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