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The Waterfowling Obsession vs. the Lil' Mrs.

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Just found some new ammo in the running gun battle between us, the waterfowling obsessed and our "better halves" (at least how she refers to herself).

it's their obsession with shoes and purses!!

Bought more dekes as I posted earlier and well... she found out this weekend. She doesn't seem to understand that you never, ever have too many dekes! "you spent over $200 on more decoys? are you crazy?!"
(I'm thinkin': yes, but what does that have to do with anything?)

But I got them ON SALE honey. I saved close to $60!!

well you know where and how that discussion went.

so now last night I happen to notice something new, something different sitting ledge where her purse, a perfectly nice purse once sat. Yup, it's a "NEW" purse!

What's this? I say.

Oh, I bought that weeeeeks ago at a "purse party".

really?! what was wrong with the one of the other 8 that you already have?;)

This is a new stle and really hot right now. it was CHEAP .

Like on sale, cheap?

It was only..... (ready?)

GASP!! WHAT THE.....:eek: for a purse?!

Won't bore you with the rest of the details but we charted some new ground in the end... I don't hear about dekes, boats, guns. She doesn't hear about "Kate Spade", "Burberry", DK or whoever!! Fine with me!!
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This discussion probably goes back to the caveman days. Anyone who is as obsessed as we all are with our sport, and has a significant other of some type, has surely had this same discussion. I learned a trick a loooooong time ago that helps me with this. My wife's birthday is in mid February, so I got in the habit about 10 years ago of taking her on a real nice vacation in January or February in honor of her birthday. We've gone to Alaska, Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean, etc., etc., etc. This year we are off on a cruise to the western Caribbean the last week in January. So now any time that she gets a little whiny about me spending too much money on gear, or being gone most of the time from October 1 to December, all I have to say is "I know it's a long fall honey and I've been gone a lot, but just think about the nice vacation coming up in January. That's my pay back to you for all I've put you through!" Works like a charm guys. It shuts her right down. I try to do a pretty extravagant trip like this every couple of years. It's worth the money, and it's not like I don't have some fun too!
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The Mickey thing wouldn't be a vacation for me. Been there, done that. Way too commercial and busy! My wife and I have no kids, so whatever vacation we do is one we both want to do, and not revolving around theme parks. Case in point....one year we went to Alaska just before hunting season in early September. If you've never been there...GO! Fantastic scenery and a place that every outdoorsman must see.
This year however we are headed to the Caribbean for a week of scantilly clad people and 80 to 90 degree weather. A great way to wind down after a long, hard hunting season.
No room for a tag along William. Sorry. And you're right about ice fishing season, and the same old problem. I don't spend nearly as much time at that as I do chasing ducks, but it does get bad.
I've been through the stress problem myself with the work. Had a job (and a boss) for quite a few years that took its toll on me, and my marriage. My wife got really in-tune with reading my stress level the last few years of that job. She points out all the time that when we dated she knew I liked to hunt, but since we've been married (almost 19 years now), and my work situation grew increasingly stressful, it's gotten worse and worse. I spent three or four times as many hours in the marsh now as I did when I was 25. So getting out hunting was a real stress reliever for me, and she encouraged that fully. But now that I have a better job, a better boss, and a lot less stress, she's getting a little grouchy in the fall again.

Mike L.,
You're right that the set-up is key, and getting a little grouchy around August and September helps.......then when hunting season starts, she almost welcomes me being gone for a while. It's a game that I'm sure has gone on forever.
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