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The Waterfowling Obsession vs. the Lil' Mrs.

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Just found some new ammo in the running gun battle between us, the waterfowling obsessed and our "better halves" (at least how she refers to herself).

it's their obsession with shoes and purses!!

Bought more dekes as I posted earlier and well... she found out this weekend. She doesn't seem to understand that you never, ever have too many dekes! "you spent over $200 on more decoys? are you crazy?!"
(I'm thinkin': yes, but what does that have to do with anything?)

But I got them ON SALE honey. I saved close to $60!!

well you know where and how that discussion went.

so now last night I happen to notice something new, something different sitting ledge where her purse, a perfectly nice purse once sat. Yup, it's a "NEW" purse!

What's this? I say.

Oh, I bought that weeeeeks ago at a "purse party".

really?! what was wrong with the one of the other 8 that you already have?;)

This is a new stle and really hot right now. it was CHEAP .

Like on sale, cheap?

It was only..... (ready?)

GASP!! WHAT THE.....:eek: for a purse?!

Won't bore you with the rest of the details but we charted some new ground in the end... I don't hear about dekes, boats, guns. She doesn't hear about "Kate Spade", "Burberry", DK or whoever!! Fine with me!!
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the trip idea seems to be the way to go. but selfishly, that would mean taking vacation time to do it, which ='s less vaca for my fall excusions!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!:)

But the trip idea seems to be the "internationally" accepted response though. My buddy on PEI, Canada is "doing his time" in a couple of weeks down in Orlando. 10 days of Mickey would make me rethink this obsession of mine!

by the way... I was told that "Burberry" pattern is the' best and very, very hot right now. I guess that's why it's worth $280

there you go guys! Valentine's day gifts!!:p
Think maybe you could convince the mrs. to go shopping one morning and then maybe you could get in a little duck hunt! I hear they have white cheeked pintail(?) and BWT's down there?!

singularly focused on any opp to hunt ducks!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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