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Howdy, Banditto-

WOW! $1.250.00?

Guess it's time to hit that lottery....:D

New to this site, but not to glass fiber filled Nylon material (handle)........it'll likely warp in the changing temperature conditions. Then the poor soul that is shooting it is wondering what happened to his "dialed in" bow. Just my 2 cents.....

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zakker, very true. My buddy bought one of those $800 front doors and we installed it on a sunny day. I went back to look at it, and it was twisting bad enough that I had to redo the work. Went back the next day and it was off again.

Called the manufacturer and they said that it was inhenant of the material and we were free to return it, which we did.

Those doors would work in a shady location, but in the direct sunlight you can't get them to work properly.

Same must be true for that bow.
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