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The next generation ice fishing gadget

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I was just sitting here looking at a few threads concerning underwater video cameras. I had one and it was kind of cool at first but I got bored with it and quit using it. They seem to be getting very popular though. I just started thinking about what the next generation of u/w video is going to be. I've got it. Now I've gotta design and patent it and then I'll be RICH.

Here goes.....

A very small R.O.V. (Remotely Operated Vehicle). One that will fit down an ice hole and have a little joystick to control it. You could actually "search out" fish ! :) Just like the big ones that search for lost ships and such. How cool would that be ?!

You may laugh now, but I'd be willing to bet that there will be one eventually !
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Couple of problems.

1. That would be hard to do with a video cable.
2. If it's wireless, it may be hard to control through the ice, and it would have a limited range.
3. Also on the limited range issue, if it went out of range, there goes a very expensive piece of equipment.
4. Try guiding that thing back to the hole from 50 ft away.

I do however like the idea. I wish there was a way to make my Aqua Vu camera swim even 10 ft in a direction. I think that would be quite useful.

Yeah there are some challenges. But that's part of the fun in figuring out how to overcome the problems. It could be a fun little gadget though. Heck you could use it to help locate lost items while ice fishing. :) Then I guess you'd need an option for a mechanical arm for retrieval though.

I'd better get busy ! :D
So far with My camera, I have recovered my plastic Nextel phone cover, which I dropped down the hole, and I also fished out a pole that some one else had lost. It's pratically paying for itself, atleast that's what I keep telling my wife.
a magnet would be helpful for retrieving lost items. Most of the stuff we drop dowm holes attract to them.
Our neighbor’s boys from up North were fishing from a rowboat with a rotted transom. Needless to say their 7.5 HP outboard ended up on the bottom of the lake. Just for fun we took my camera to see if we could locate it. After about 20 minutes of searching, we located the motor and marked it’s location with one of my fishing markers. The boys put on their snorkels & masks and retrieved the outboard a ½ hour later! :D
problem number 5......gets eaten by a pike lol

like the idea though
Outfit it with GPS, set a "home" coordinate, have the remote send a pulse every coulpe minutes, if the camera fails to recieve the pulse after a determined amount of time have it automatically return "home."
Originally posted by mkroulik
Couple of problems.

3. Also on the limited range issue, if it went out of range, there goes a very expensive piece of equipment.
4. Try guiding that thing back to the hole from 50 ft away.
As for the retrieval you could take a reel that is spooled with 50 lb. line. That solves the retrieving part.

As for the mechanical arm, why stop there. If it has a arm it can hold some line, trolling under the ice;) :D

We all grin and make our comments but I'll give it a couple of years and it'll be the next hot thing. If we can think it up someone out there can build it.
Believe me Niner, the gears are turning in this old head ! :)

Wouldn't it be cool though ?!
I have been looking for 3 years now for a REASONABLY priced RC Sub to mount a little cam in. SOmething I could send out and about on the lake, about a 2.5 footer or better. Always thought it would be cool and fun to build an RC Tug boat with a nice weedwacker motor on it and use it for trolling. Would be kinda neat to hook up a nice bass or something and try to manuever it to the boat or shore :D
Frantz, My neighbor up at our cabin used to have a replica of Miss Budweiser. He tied on about 50 feet of line and put a small rapala on it. He would sit on his dock and troll it back and forth in front of his place. The boat would rock a little when one would hit it and he would just floor it to set the hook then he would drag it up to the dock. He lost alot right at the dock because he would slow the boat down and would give the fish a little slack but it sure was fun to sit there and watch that.
Check out this site:


I ran into these guys a few years back at the submarine base in Grotton, Ct.
They were putting on a regatta and have some really cool RC boats. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to underwater RC.

-LB :)
that sound great, can my model have a small harpoon mounted?

would be nice to survey the area before moving your shanty so you don't end up in another crappy spot!:p
Your idea is not so farfeched pipeline inspection companys already have them the one I see used all the time is used to inspect sewer pipes it will travel about five hundred feet is steered with a joystick takes video has a light on it works under water and the camera is remote control also it looks like a remote control truck so why not one that looks like a sub that has a small prop to propell it with a rudder . the pipe inspection ones are pricey about ten grand for one but heck you cant put a price on leisure LOL.
I bet you could use an RC sub, and get some wireless cameras from X2 that would work. X2 carries tons of variations on wireless cams.
I saw a little four wheeled outfit hooked up with fibre optics for inspecting the inside of sewer pipes in a plant I was working in. Send back a pretty nice picture. all remote controlled from a truck.
Somebody has been watching the tv show "Tactical to Pratical"
Jpollman the federal government has a divice that they use in oceanography. It's called "The Sea Glider" the web site is lenghty so here it is. http://www.apl.washington.edu/projects/seaglider/summery.html/ all someone has to do is to down size it for citizen usage.:cool:
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