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The new pup is here!!

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I made the trip to SoDak to pick up the new pup. He is adjusting well fitting right in. I had my deposit down for the last 3 or 4 months and I still haven't came up with a good name so suggestions will be appreciated.:)

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What? ya mean the kid hasnt come up with one of those silly names kids always come up with??? ;-)
Adorable puppy...give it a couple days, a name will come.
Would ya look at that pup... That is one nice looking lil pup ya got there....

Great photo with the boy holding it too. He's a "Keeper"
darn nice looking pup and it doesn't look like your son likes him much!
Congrats! Very cute pup.
Oh my goodness, the pup is adorable. Just look at that face.

I'm sure you're son will come up with a good name for his new best friend.:D

Great looking pup Tim - Congrats!
Looks smart, name him Socrates.
how bout 'trouble':D
I've always wanted to name a dog 'flip'... don't know why:confused:
My son suggested Stevie, he also suggested Pavel, Nick, and about 20 more past and present red wing players.
I am just horrible at coming up with names. I had a little kid tell me I should name him fluffy cause he felt that way. I could only imagine sending him on a mark during a hunt test with a name like that.......would probably get some laughs:lol:
Merimac said:
How about Steve!
Great looking pup! How about Gordie! :)
Did you get him from Leroy Robinson out there at Top Dog Kennels???
That puppy is so cute. You've got to love his eyes in the last picture.

yeah, he's a dusty x birdie pup
lking said:
Did you get him from Leroy Robinson out there at Top Dog Kennels???
Well Tim I have been known to run after a skinny white dog a time ot two Yelling "LACEY"! Most hunters in the surrounding fields all look because they think I am chasing a stripper or something so fluffy will work well for you too:lol: . I think next time I will name the dog as opposed to letting the daughters.

He looks like a Remy to me.
That is the exact thing my wife said:lol: ....that makes 2 votes for it
MerlinsMom said:
He looks like a Remy to me.
No,,, not another Remy,, or Bailey or Jake:rolleyes:

Stick with the hockey theme,,,,, Puck, Blue(blue line), Slash, Ice, BC(as in a British Columbia two hander), Wrister,, Bob, Doug, Mackenzie,,,,, you get the picture,,:lol:
labdog99 said:
That is the exact thing my wife said:lol: ....that makes 2 votes for it
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