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Hi Everyone,

We're proud to be new Michigan Sportsman Forum sponsors and I'd like to introduce you to our American made, patented, LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool. A tool that replaces multiple hand tools, and provides everything you need to fully process a downed tree from its roots to leaves with your chainsaw and log splitter or axe. Best of all, it's made in the USA of rugged hollow frame steel (weighing just 13.0 lbs. fully assembled) and guaranteed for life.

We're a family owned company from Vermont, who like many of you heat our home with firewood, which we harvest ourselves. For many years we'd used the same forestry tools our ancestors did, cant hooks, pulp hooks, and timberjacks to assist us with bucking and splitting up firewood, mostly from windfall trees.

One of the things that made using our horizontal log splitter especially back breaking was continually bending over to lift log rounds and move them to our pile or onto the log splitter rail. So Jon Roberts, the LogOX's inventor and a chemical engineer by trade, started tinkering around with different design ideas in the basement until he had modified a cant hook's handle, hook, and toe design enough to be able to consistently lift and move log rounds, without the back strain of bending over at the waist. As you can see from the following video, we then added a removable cant handle extension and timberjack attachment to replace the need for those extra tools as well. The sharp tipped hook and chisel toe of the LogOX, initially designed to grab and lift log rounds, also gives it a better grip on logs for rolling and lifting, when used as a cant hook or timberjack, than any other similar tool on the market.

Given the modularity of the removable cant handle extension, we also created a pocket sized pickaroon attachment called the PickOX that fits into the end of the handle, and attaches uses one of the three standard clevis pins, turning the LogOX into a 4-in-1 MultiTool. The clevis pin assembly allow the entire tool to be disassembled, stowed, and carried to the job site in a customized portable 28" carrying bag. All of our products are proudly Made in USA and backed up by great customer service.

This independent review video, which has racked up over 717,000 views on YouTube in the past year, does a good job showing how the LogOX system works to help you be safer and more productive while doing tree work. More review videos and content can be found on our YouTube channel and on social media @BigBlueLogOX.

You can find the LogOX at www.thelogox.com or online at Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowe's, Tractor Supply Company, Lehman's Hardware, and over a dozen other arborist and specialty stores.

I'd be happy to answer any questions about it on this thread.


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