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The Hoove takes a vacation

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I will be on vacation all next week 1-31 to 2-8 and will be traveling around michigan striking fear into the swim bladders of fish everywhere. I will most likely hunt for pie-plate size gills in mid michigan for a few days, go in search a 15inch crappie, wonder around the southern counties a bit, and also get in a lot of walleye fishing in saginaw. Make me an offer, I can't refuse. Have trap and vex will travel. Look forward to seeing some you guys next week.

p.s. so far the temps look wonderful next week 25-31...so far...
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Have fun and good luck fishing.
OK DR. Hoover. What I need is an excuse stating that I have a SERIOUS case of Fish-Blotch Fever and that I am unable to work until it clears up. VERY CONTAGIOUS!!! If they buy it, I'M There!!! LOL!!!.....Patch
Enjoy the vacation. Hope the bite is on.

cant wait to join ya hopefully work is slow this week when ya planning to get over here got a few crappie holes and you know the gills bite
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