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the great sucker minnow search

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I love using my sucker minnows, If it has fins it'll eat a sucker real quick, The problem is I live in New York now and NOBODY sells them out here. I can catch a few usable ones in a small run they have out here in one of the lakes in the spring but other than that I'm S.O.L. Can anybody suggest a bait farm or privite person that can ship suckers in bulk? I have the tanks to keep em in just need the bait.
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The easiest way I have found is take a small drag net up a river for about ten feet. Not alot but over a few hours you'll have plenty. You also will have plenty of crayfish for some nice bass
I suppose that you have already talked to the New York DNR for info on the matter. The only other suggestion I have is to bring another cooler to Michigan if nothing else works.
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