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the great sucker minnow search

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I love using my sucker minnows, If it has fins it'll eat a sucker real quick, The problem is I live in New York now and NOBODY sells them out here. I can catch a few usable ones in a small run they have out here in one of the lakes in the spring but other than that I'm S.O.L. Can anybody suggest a bait farm or privite person that can ship suckers in bulk? I have the tanks to keep em in just need the bait.
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Have you ever tried to catch them yourself with minnow traps?
Yea, there's just not enough of them in the one lake I talked about, I trapped for a week and never got one, plenty of shiners but no suckers.
Try in the streams connected to the lake. It's best to do it early in the year and save them.
The easiest way I have found is take a small drag net up a river for about ten feet. Not alot but over a few hours you'll have plenty. You also will have plenty of crayfish for some nice bass
unfortuatly, we can't go near the inlets with nets or traps (within 500 ft). The one lake that does have suckers in it is part of the New York City water supply chain and they don't even allow electric trolling motors on them (row boats only). You can trap for bait on the lake but for use (supposedly) on that lake only. Trust me theres no easy sollution for this, I've been tring to figure something out for three years now. When I come out to visit my parents, I always bring a cooler full of them back, except for the ones I save for deadbait in the winter, those are gone real quick.
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I suppose that you have already talked to the New York DNR for info on the matter. The only other suggestion I have is to bring another cooler to Michigan if nothing else works.
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