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I just wanted to post a note to all of you east siders. I hope you recognize how great of a fishery you have over there!

I get one week a year to enjoy your fishery, and year round, I get the chance to live it vicariously through all of your posts.

As an "outsider" I am sorry to see some of the recent hard feelings that have erupted for no reason, over a Rapala color, between individuals on this site. It seems like such a shame from an outsider's perspective.

I hope that all of you recognize that you are fortunate to have such a great fishery. There is ample room for all of those that want to enjoy it. You should feel safe and secure in sharing ideas with each other in this MS community, that will only help to bring more enjoyment to all that are fortunate enough to partake.

Thank you for allowing us West siders the opportunity to come over once a year and be a part of what all of you take for granted.

If you ever want to come and enjoy our west side fishery, you will be welcome with open arms and open posts on everything we can share to help your experience be more enjoyable. Tight lines!
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