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The boat is ready, now the weather needs to cooperate

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Anyone gonna hit the lake this weekend? The very early report is for West and North winds. Ugh. This time of year it's cold enough without the wind out of the North or West.
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Still getting mine ready for april 3rd.Would like to road test it before that and my end up being on the 2nd.Just bought it 2 weeks ago,but did fish in it last fall and everthing worked then.Good luck if you get out.
Just put the Alum. prop back on last night and got it all rig for river fish for the K-zoo outing this Saturday. Then I come home put the Stainless prop back on and get it all rig up for Brown Trout tourney on the 3rd. I need to do an oil change on Friday and then I might hit Port Sheldon Sunday if the Lake is nice.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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