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that’s when I realized

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Well I wanted to do one last goose hunt for the season, it was an afternoon hunt and I was hunting of land but had about a 1/8 of a mile walk or so though a bunch of mud and such. I also had a bad full bag of floaters and was weighed down real good. Once I got out to the spot there were easy 50 or so geese already there. Of course they all flew away out of range but I was hoping that they would do the huge loop de loop thing and make there way back. As I was quickly setting up that’s when I realized I had NO COAT on and didn’t bring one. Well I sure wasn’t going back so I made the best of it and had a number of flocks fly over but they were all out of range.
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YA I really did forget my coat it wasn’t a big thing at the time see I work outside and I don’t wear one most of the winter. If I do it’s usually a light one just to break the wind. The only hard part about this time is that it’s so early in the season and I’m just not adjusted yet to the real cold. But I did fairly well; I made sure that my hands were in my waders as much as possible and just sucked it up.
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