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Just wanted to make a public thank you to the some great trainers. On July 15th awards were given out to the top dogs in American Field competitions in Michigan for the year. 4 awards went to 3 dogs trained, handled, and (or) bred by Bruce Minard. Bruce and Jenny also had some big wins in and out of the state that made an impressive win record this year!

Dexter (Backwoods Bankruptcy)- Kelly McAllister- Michigan Open Walking Derby of the Year and U.S Complete Great Lakes Regional Open Derby of the year

Lady (Hifive's Rockabye Baby)- Mike Lareau- U.S complete Great Lakes Regional RU derby of the year (and a very very close second in points to dexter... )

Whip (Silverwhip)- JP Jones- US Complete Amateur Shooting Dog of the year.

Bruce and Jenny, thank you for taking the time to help me and teach me how to field trial. Thank you for helping make my dog the best he can be. It is really appreciated.

Here is a picture of the Walking and horseback division of the awards. Congrats to everyone.

Left to Right
*Ron Sposita (Dukes Joan Jett)- Too many awards to name! (Derby and puppy)
*Joe Wohlfret (Woodbine Reba) -National and Michigan U.S complete and walking RU puppy of the year
*Kelly McAllister (Backwoods Bankruptcy)- Walking and US Complete Derby of the year
* Bob Leet (Kung Fu- not pictured)- Michigan Horseback Shooting dog of the year
*Jim Cipponeri (Thornapple Hawk)- Michigan Horseback RU shooting dog of the year

*Not sure of the first 2 people in the first row. Sorry, if someone wanted to fill me in.
*Bruce Minard (Hifives Rockabye Baby)- US Complete RU open Derby of the year
* Leeann Parnell (Springpond Autumn Grace)- US complete and Michigan Open Shooting dog of the year
*Lori Winters (Springpond Autumn Harvest)- US Complete and Michigan RU Open shooting dog of the year.

IF I made any errors I am sorry.



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Thanks for the kudos Kelly. It takes all of us working together to get these dogs in the winners circle.

Congratulations everyone on a great season!!!
Indeed it does! Bruce & Jennie, you guys have been great partners and friends in achieving our common goals--it has been, and continues to be a blast. Between my two HiFive dogs we had 11 wins this year. Now I've always respected your dogs and have learned never to underestimate you or them, but that win record was still way above my expectations--let's do it again this year!;)

Kelly, Dexter seemed to go from a goofy puppy last year to a deadly serious bird dog overnight this year--The best is yet to come and I can't wait to see him run this Fall!
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