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Thames River Canadian side Mitchells Bay

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It is not looking good for ice on the Thames this year. The river
is running extremely high just as we are on the verge of a good
freeze. Thinkin of pounded them white bass. Mitchells bay has
produced one good day for myself on perch with the ice now
long gone. This Sat hopefully everyone will be able to get back
at her with the temps going the right way.

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Ya im from this side of the pond and just found this site.
My family owned the mitchells bay sportsmans camp along
time ago and ran ice taxi service for 20 years. Those where
the good old days when water was high and the gills and
cals went all winter. Low water at Mbay has made it real
tough on our pans (excluding perch) for quite a few years
now. The buckets that use to come out of Leguees bay and
in front of bass haven seemed endless. The last year we got
em was just before the lake drastically dropped. The only
numbers on gills our being pulled in canals anymore and it
is a timing thing that doesn, happen often. Ill keep ya posted
trying this weekend

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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