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For Immediate Release - College of Veterinary Medicine
Texas A&M CVM Researches First to Clone White-tailed Deer

COLLEGE STATION - In what is believed to be the first success of its kind, researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University have cloned a white-tailed deer. A fawn, named "Dewey," after Duane Kraemer, one of the researchers, was born to "Sweet Pea" a surrogate mother, on May 23, 2003.


Texas A&M says it has cloned white-tailed deer
AP Wire | 12/22/2003 | Texas A&M says it has cloned white-tailed deer

Westhusin said he is particularly interested to watch as Dewey grows and witness how his antlers develop."Antler growth in deer is so unique," he said. "Every animal is different. Part of it is genetics and part of it is environment."

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