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ted nugent ranch?

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wanting to do a hog hunt. anyone know anything about ted nugents ranch? the prices are not bad but i deffinately don't want a "farm pen hunt"! also does anyone have any input on the taste of wild boar meat? thanx everyone, & be safe!!!!!
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Can't comment about Nugent's ranch (Sunrize Acres) as I've never been there. BUT - I have had wild boar and damn it's good!
Go to Tes'd web site and email Paul Wilson. He's the hunt coordinator and a guide, not to mention a good friend of mine. Teds ranch is definitly not a "farm pen hunt" and you will have a good time. Paul will be able to answer any questions you have.
my sister lives right by his ranch few months back some of his boars got loose was running right in her yard and attacked her neigbors dog
Did someone say loose hogs??? :) Whatever happened with the ones that were free range in the UP?
I'm going on a hunt in two weeks at Trophy Ranch. It's is bad axe. They are on average 200lb but for a hundred bucks extra you can get a 400 lb. I will post up when I get back.
I was talking with a guy that hunts every year at Ted's Place. He claims Ted has very good Russian boar stock, big and mean
A good friend of mine owns a ranch and I have been on a couple of hog hunts, and have had a pig roast with the two i got and a couple others and the meat is Excellent!

The wife and I want to do one real soon and I would like to hear how your hunt goes!
hey mmw, what ranch does your buddy own? let me know , or a web site. might check him out too!!
Hey bolodunn,

When you email Paul, let him know that I said to contact him, you never know, he may swing you a deal. And I'll second on what everyone say's about boar meat & hunting them. The quality of animals that Ted's ranch has are big, mean, wild, tough as nails and fantastic table fair! It's a ball to hunt them!
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