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Team #15 Quince Minutos de Vergüenza Official Team Thread

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Team #15
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Whoop whoop...Let's get it going....Don't worry you won't need an interpreter to know we've win and your team lost...
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Name is Josh. I hunt private land in Tuscola, Huron and Sanilac counties. As you have already seen my son is my hunting buddy. He got one on the youth hunt so it’s my turn now. I might hunt opening day but won’t hunt much after that until the end of October.
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I’m actually trying something different this year. For the first time in a lot of years I’m not running a single cam. I’m fortunate to hunt in areas with a lot of deer. I know their travel patterns so the way I see it is if I see one I want to shoot great, if not I know I’ll at least see a lot of deer. I kind of like the idea of being surprised what’s out there ;)
That’s a great pic. Food plot looks awesome too!!
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I’m going to spend this weekend moving a few stands around and shooting the Ten Point to make sure it’s still on. Unfortunately I have a brand new Matthews that I just haven’t had time to get it set up. I’m hoping by the rut I’ll be ready to go with it.
I’m pretty sure that’s what I have. Is it bad I don’t even know? Anyway absolutely love it!!
I still need to assemble the Turbo S1. Lazy deer hunter over here...
Well like always it’s right down to the wire but that’s ok. I won’t be in the woods much for another month but everything is ready to go. Stands up, shooting lanes done and tags are bought. Now all I need is a cold front in late October;)
I hear ya Sam. I have several stands I can hunt before prime time without screwing anything up. I stand I moved this weekend though I can promise won’t be touched until November. It’s just too risky and when I do sit in it, I’ll be in it all day. Send me that video. I’d love to take a look at it.
My son and I will be out Saturday. Washing clothes right now but other than that everything is ready to go. I most likely won’t shoot any does until late season. Good luck and be safe boys.
Good luck Bum. Smart move backing out. We saw 9 does and fawns this morning. Going to watch some of the game and head back out.
Congrats!! We are on the board boys!!
Sorry boys I’m late to the party. Congrats on the buck Steve and sorry about not finding your deer sooner Gospel. I saw plenty of deer this weekend but nothing I wanted to shoot. Probably be back at it in a few weeks. Keep putting them down boys and I’ll join in shortly.
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I said I wasn’t going to hunt for a bit but with this cold front I’ll be out Saturday morning.
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Outstanding Gospel. Very nice buck!! We are starting to stack up some points now. I saw a ton of deer this weekend including my new target. Let’s just say he’s big enough that he is the only deer I’ll be hunting for a while ;). The good news is that he was within five yards or another stand of mine and I would have been sitting in that stand if it wasn’t for the wind that night. It’s a good thing because he definitely would have got my wind from where he came from.
Son and I will be out for an observation sit in the morning. That’s all for me this weekend. Work golf outing on Sunday. Good luck if you guys get out.
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Glad you are starting to feel better Bum. Saw a lot of deer this morning from an observation stand. Like I expected they were very skittish with the high winds. Did see several scrapes that have opened up. Might start pushing in a little deeper next weekend;)
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I’m going to start hitting it hard by the end bud of next week. I’ll be spending a lot time n the woods between 9:00-2:00 ;)
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I’m very cautious with my entry/exit. I won’t hunt my rut spot first thing in the morning because I know I’ll be bumping deer on the way in. If I go in later I can sneak in close to the bedding without bumping them. I’ve had a lot of success hunting this way.
I've had a good bit of luck with mid day activity the first couple weeks in Nov. doing all day sits. It's worth it. Are you still out at daybreak? Have a choice on what time you hunt?
That’s awesome Sam. I had anticipated heading out this morning but got hit with a stomach bug. I’m hoping to be in a stand this weekend sometime. Looks like some nice bucks are starting to hit the ground.
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Yeah only about 70 yards. More points for the good guys ;)
Oh yeah! That shouldn't be a hard track

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