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Hey everyone,

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. It was awesome to see so many boats around.

My buddy and I did well out of Oscoda Friday night to Monday starting at 80-130 feet of water on 7-10 colors of lead, riggers, and a slide diver with moonshine spoons like orange carbon, blue jeans, green jeans, some wonderbread variations, and carbon 14. Lakers have been pretty consistent running things like RV flounder pounder close to bottom on riggers/divers. Overall we managed a few lakers, 2 walleye, 2 steel, an atlantic, a coho, a king, and a pink. I have been getting almost all my fish in the morning and have yet to figure out any consistency in the evening. If anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated!

Also if anyone has any tips for replacing a line counter spring on a big jon downrigger that would be swell.... 😵

One last thing... be careful of the nets south east out of the river off Au sable point they are around this area....

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I'll take a picture of my graph and replace this one with the exact spot when I'm back on the boat.
Good fishing weekend for you. Glad you got them, I came feet from hitting one down there last year in that area. Still can’t believe I missed it.
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