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Tagged fish rewards

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I just received an E-mail from the Mich. DNR outlining a tagged fish rewards program now in place. The eligible fish include: Steelhead, Brown trout, Lake trout, Atlantic salmon & Chinook salmon. On the fish with a tag, the ADIPOSE fin is clipped. ( That is the fleshy fin behind the dorsil fin on the fish). If this adipose fin is clipped, there is a tag in the fishes snout area. The tag is as small as the point on a lead pencil. The DNR wants you, (if you are keeping the fish) to turn in just the heads to a local DNR collecting station. They are all over the state of Mich., but two in Macomb County "Angler's Point Marina" and the fisheries "DNR station" at the end of South River Road..

The tags have to be removed by a lab technician. They must be turned in by Nov. 1, 2021 to be eligible for the rewards. Every head you turn in with a tag in it will get you one (1) drawing entry for the $100 rewards that will be paid to 33 winners. The rewards are coming from sponsors like bait shops, sporting goods stores, marinas and such. (there is a list of the sponsors in my E-mai, but I did not list them here). If you catch one of the species listed above, check that back fin on the fish's back. If it is clipped, the fish has a tag in it's snout. May as well make a few bucks on it to pay for some lures or bait.