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I have just recently started fly fishing and downloaded an app diy fly fishing. It gives an address for sycamore creek. I was wondering if you are supposed to park in the commuter lot and walk to the creek to fish or what? Any information would be appreciated.[/QUOTE

If it’s the one in Lansing, they kinda lied... it definitely gets a few strays from the big lake, and has some ok pike and carp action the rest of the year. There are a couple city parks you can access the creek from. I have had some good days there when I used to live in Lansing. But usually did consistently better if I drove an hour west.
Please call the DNR if you see any blatant snagging. There are some guys that stalk the 6 available gravel bars, and rip everything off it they can.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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