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SW stream sunday

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Hit a southwest trib sunday with my buddy and met up with gomer later on. Hit most likely spots. At the first spot I hooked 1 right off the bat, and after a little walking I hooked another. The first hookup was a large dark male, the second a big chrome female. Both were brief hookups. My buddy walked down aways and came back later and said he caught a nice 10-11lb dark male out of a slot. Later we went up to a more popular spot and met gomer and his buddy. When we were walking up gomer held up a nice male probably about 6-7lbs. We fished the area well for about 2 hours and gomer ended up hooking 3 I think landing 2, I hooked into 3 or 4 and landed one, my buddy hooked 3 and didnt land any, and gomers buddy hooked one and landed it. The river was high but had nice visibility. Overall our group did pretty well. We did fish quite awhile but not too hard. Most fish were holdovers maybe from the lower river. It was my first time getting out since my knee surgery so it was great hooking into some fish. All my fish came on chartuese spawn bags,gomers were on steelie cocain on a jig, and my buddy's were on flies. The main run isnt looking too far off if we can get this cold front out of here. TIghtlines
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Congratulations,Hex4steel.Sounds like a good day.
Aright Gomer is finally done ice fishing :p Welcome back to the steel.
yep, im done ice fishin.... id post the pictures but i dont want to reveal the specific spot i was fishing.
heres some "eye candy" for you boys.........

i had to edit the pics to conceal my "secret" location
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Steelie cocaine..... Sounds like...sniff....some good stuff.....sniff sniff.....man!!!!:D

Waxworms...think about it. Addicting to steelies, whitish creamy color, yeah.......... just call it cocaine

HAHA @ Mitch
Thanks Hex...I thought so, waxies take 75% of my fish from Feb through April.....

Thats funny Kingfisher. I thought you were converting to being a flydunker. No more steelie cocaine for you.... :p
Mike, remind me to push you in the river the next time I see you....;)

BTW, the only reason I might throw a couple flys is to rest my arm from fighting steel....because we all know Fly Dunkers really aren't trying to hook anything.......:D

I'm currently in the process of introducing legislation for a new stream disignation.....BAITDUNKING ONLY stretches........

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Originally posted by gomer
yup, dem der waxies be da chronic sh*t :D
Oh great...now Snoop Dogg is posting fishing tips. :rolleyes:

Fo shizzle bizzle...
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Let me know if you need help posting a river.....BAITDUNKING ONLY !!!

Really doesn't matter because fly guys don't catch fish anyways. ;)

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LOL. I'll make sure to FORGET that Marc. ;)

Maybe I will tie some waxworm imitations for your next FLIES ONLY trip. :D If that doesnt work, try swingin' speys in the late afternoons....:p :D

I have a great waxworm imitation I tie. Looks just like one with a big ole treble sticking out of its butt. lol
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Good post there Hex4steel. Hey boat got a fish out there! Hey dude we have to hit it up again this weekend, Brent says hes in, and i have monday off so i might try hitting up some nearer to home tribs. Shout me a hollar. Steelieknight
how do you rig up the waxies?
I use a steelhead jig and thread one on, then let one hang down. This is with a float.

Killer in the winter and spring...

Good Day,

Now that is the way man...

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