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SW MI Bobcat sighting - confirmed to be incorrect

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Fella's around two weeks ago I posted that I had saw a bobcat while deer hunting. And that as a honest sportsman, I was one that you could believe. It is for this reason that Im returning to post that I saw this same cat this weekend ML'ing and it was indeed just a very large domestic feline that looked increadibly similar to the real deal. So for me, the quest to answer if there is indeed a (Berrien County) SW MI bobcat population in existance continues.

Until next time,
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Nine Milly,

There was a bobcat with a litter of kittens in Shiawassee County a year or two ago. She was seen by many people in the area for several weeks as her kittens were growing. But, she hasn't been seen since that time.

Thought it was interesting when I saw them and then started asking around and turns out, many people knew about them.
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