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SW MI Bobcat sighting - confirmed to be incorrect

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Fella's around two weeks ago I posted that I had saw a bobcat while deer hunting. And that as a honest sportsman, I was one that you could believe. It is for this reason that Im returning to post that I saw this same cat this weekend ML'ing and it was indeed just a very large domestic feline that looked increadibly similar to the real deal. So for me, the quest to answer if there is indeed a (Berrien County) SW MI bobcat population in existance continues.

Until next time,
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Had a neat experience this gun season, our group left a doe lay over night due to a questionable hit. Two of us took up the track in the morning with a light dusting of snow. The area was littered with cat tracks....the area has a strong cat population to begin with. Well I almost walked past the doe. Her head and hinds were covered with leaves and other debris. They ate just a bit of hind, not much really. Wish we would have had a camera, was an interesting find. Looked like it was a female with two youngins' Pretty cool how they cover the kill and all. Bet they weren't happy come nightfall and found that we took all the good parts of the bounty! This was in Mecosta county by the way.
Nine Milly, years ago, oh maybe 20 or so, a group of us kids were playing basketball just after dark in cass county, right on the berrien/cass border. Well we heard this eerie cry, like a baby just screamin'. It went on and on. As kids it freaked us out good! Turns out it was bobcat but we didn't know. I have heard this same cry numerous times since.(not in this area, up north) This ofcourse was long ago, have no idea if there are any around that area. I have heard reports and such, but hard to confirm.
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