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Sunday Run

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Seeing that Mother Nature has been cooperating with us, I decided to get the boys out for a little stress relief session. After a quick stop at a local farm to grab some pigeons (I now know how you feel WormDunker trotting around a pigeon pooped barn), we made our way over to the Field Trial grounds at the Holly SRA. With a few birds in the bag, we headed out. I decided to let them burn off a little steam once we arrived and as you can see, Bogie took full advantage of the situation - with Grady in tow:

Once they decided to settle in and hunt a bit, I doubled back and planted the first bird. Grady came in first and locked up on the first victim:

After I picked the tethered pilot up, I sent the boys back off to see what trouble they could get into. I started to get creative with the plants. Bogie thought so as well:

No, there wasn't a bird in the tree, but I imagine it may have been a home for a squirrel or two (BTW, Bogie likes them squirrels). And no, he is not a treeing Vizsla! The bird I had dizzied up most have flown the coop 'cause even I couldn't find him.

All in all, we had a good time. Great weather and great fun! Till next time.
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So did you find out why I said don't wear you good hat? Nice looking dogs they look young how old are they? You sure have more snow than we due here but I'm not gonna miss it when it's gone.
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