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Sunday Run

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Seeing that Mother Nature has been cooperating with us, I decided to get the boys out for a little stress relief session. After a quick stop at a local farm to grab some pigeons (I now know how you feel WormDunker trotting around a pigeon pooped barn), we made our way over to the Field Trial grounds at the Holly SRA. With a few birds in the bag, we headed out. I decided to let them burn off a little steam once we arrived and as you can see, Bogie took full advantage of the situation - with Grady in tow:

Once they decided to settle in and hunt a bit, I doubled back and planted the first bird. Grady came in first and locked up on the first victim:

After I picked the tethered pilot up, I sent the boys back off to see what trouble they could get into. I started to get creative with the plants. Bogie thought so as well:

No, there wasn't a bird in the tree, but I imagine it may have been a home for a squirrel or two (BTW, Bogie likes them squirrels). And no, he is not a treeing Vizsla! The bird I had dizzied up most have flown the coop 'cause even I couldn't find him.

All in all, we had a good time. Great weather and great fun! Till next time.
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I took your advice and threw on an old sweatshirt and hat. My original intentions were to get a few birds and that I did. In the future I will need a much bigger net and a better plan. It was actually quite comical and the farmer got a kick out of my city boy antics. Let's just say I had problems manuevering around the place.

Anyway, both of my boys are a little over two years old, but act like they are still puppies. I still have a lot of work to do with them but I am happy with their progress to date. This next summer and hunting season will be the test for me and my methods. We'll see what happens.
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