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Suggestions for New Turkey Hunters

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I was wondering what all the experts out there suggest for beginning turkey hunters and what they should focus on. i.e.
Type of Gun
Decoys or not??
Full Camo on everything or not.
Areas of the state
I'm going to try and turkey hunt this year so I was getting everybody's pros/cons.
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Gun-12 ga
Loads, mags 3 in or 3-1/2. 2-3/4 will work if that is all your gun will take, #4,5's some like 6's.
Calls- yes but practise, box calls are probably easiet to learn. Lot's of good CD's and videotapes out there. Don't over call. Don't call birds pre-season. Woodsmanship and scouting will do more to get your bird than a call. You need to get positioned where the birds want to be. A few soft yelps and clucks will be all you need if your in the right location. Sometimes you can call one in from a long distance, most times not.
Decoys-yes early season, late season-maybe, somtimes they spook birds in late season that have been hunted hard.
Setups-stay mobile, wear all camo. Look for a big tree or brush to break your outline. Carrying a pair of hand pruners is a good idea. You can prune some brush and construct a mini blind to break your outline in minutes.
Turkeys are pretty much everywhere in the state, pick a location that allows you to spend a lot of time in the woods.
Scroll down into past threads on this forum for lots of discussion and tips. Enroll in a turkey hunting seminar, there will be lots coming up in the coming months at sporting goods stores. You can learn a lot from videotapes-Good luck!
Ed's right on the money I'd say! Scout, scout some more, and then keep scouting!! Never can have too many options when it comes to turkey hunting.

Let us know if you have any other questions,

If I could give anyone some advice, is to CALL SOFT!!!!!!!!!

Birds these days are starting to become educated. Many hunters out there don't really KNOW the art to calling turkeys but they SHOUT at the turkeys to hear them gobble and run and gun them.

But if you want to be successful on turkeys where birds get educated then give them some soft clucks, and be PATIENT!! Then you may start being aggressive with some cutts, but scout like the others have said and practice with those calls.
I will be turkey hunting for the first time this year. I'll be hunting in either Antrim or Kalkaska county. Thanks for the tips and info. you guys have supplied to help us "newcomers" get a jump start. I too, agree about being out in the wood as much as possible in the pre-season to help locate and pattern the birds. Good luck and safety to all this year.

Thanks for the good info on this thread. I'm hopefully going for my first turkey outing this spring, and I'm really looking forward to it!
Some good tips here, but the one I'd like to add is: Pattern Your Turkey Guns

You check your deer rifle before the season, right?? Well, you need to do the same for yr turkey gun. You need to know how at what distance you can take a responsible shot. And it varies a great deal from gun to gun. When I have more time, I'll post on how to do this or maybe somebody else wants to. OK by me.

Natty B.
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