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Wow, glad I didn't drop a bundle yet on the new rifle I want, totally sick of my 870 separating my Shoulder Evey year!

I just received reply from DNR today and this will be before the NRC in April and May meetings:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Natural Resources.

The regulations for straight-walled cartridge use in the limited firearms deer zone were only set in place for three years and are now subject to review. This topic is on Natural Resources Commission agendas for this spring. It will be discussed at the following:

  • Natural Resources Commission Meeting, April 13, 2017, at the MSU Diagnostic Center, 4125 Beaumont Road, Lansing MI 48910

  • Natural Resources Commission Meeting, May 11, 2017, West Shore Community College, Administrative and Conference Building, North Lounge, Scottville, MI 49454
The complete agendas for these meetings will be available two to three weeks before they take place and can be found at www.mi.gov/nrc. Typically, the Policy Committee on Wildlife and Fisheries portion of the meeting begins at 1:00 p.m. and public comment takes place two or three hours later. You can also find out exact times prior to the meeting by contacting Executive Assistant to the NRC, Cheryl Nelson, at 517-284-6237 or [email protected]. In addition, you can send Cheryl your feedback about the topic in advance of the meeting.
Thank you for your interest in deer hunting and regulations.

Now it is up to us to express our desire either at the NRC meetings or written submittal. I also suggest contacting your MI representatives to gain their support as well.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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