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Straight Wall Rifle Expiration May 12, 2017

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I sent an email to the NRC and received this answer this morning:

"That subsection (f), of Wildlife Conservation Order section 3.100 is due to be rescinded on May 12, 2017. I have forwarded your email on to the Wildlife Division to respond to your questions. Thank you."

There was no indication that it will be renewed so it is my belief that we need to raise our voices to the Wildlife Division, our MI representatives, MUCC, retailers, Conservation Clubs etc to get this regulation finalized into regulation. There is no logical reason to rescind this regulation and it is also my belief DNR will fight to allow this to be rescinded since they fought the rule for five years prior to passing of three year trial.

Time to raise your voice fellow hunters!
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I emailed Dan Lauwers today...couldn't get through on Phil Pavlov's site from my phone, but I'll figure something out!
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